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 Three General Electric EJ-1DD 3 Phase GE Fuse  300 AMP  Max KV 4.76

Three General Electric EJ-1DD 3 Phase GE Fuse 300 AMP Max KV 4.76

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Item Characteristics
  • Amperage Rating: 300 E Amp
  • Make: GE
  • Current Rating: 300 E
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • MPN: 9F60GJC300
  • Brand: General Electric
  • BC Category: Fuses
  • Seller: bomoseen50
  • Location where the object is: Fair Haven, Vermont
  • Country: US - US
  • Place of delivery: US, CA, GB, DK, RO, SK, BG, CZ, FI, HU, LV, LT, MT, EE, AU, GR, PT, CY, SI, JP, CN, SE, KR, ID, TW, TH, BE, FR, HK, IE, NL, PL, ES, IT, DE, AT, BS, IL, MX, NZ, SG, CH, NO, SA, UA, AE, QA, KW, BH, HR, MY, CL, CO, CR, DO, PA, TT, GT, SV, HN, JM, AG, AW, BZ, DM, GD, KN, LC, MS, TC, BB, BD, BM, BN, BO, EG, GF, GG, GI, GP, IS, JE, JO, KH, KY, LI, LK, LU, MC, MO, MQ, MV, NI, OM, PK, PY, RE, UY
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This Auction is for 3 Dual Fuse as seen in the Pictures. These are vary Large Fuses and HEAVY -- made of Fiber Glass and Copper!! They weigh approximately 27 Pounds each. Appears to be in excellent condition. Manufactured in Pittsfield Mass.GE Fuse EJ-1DDAmp 300 E 60 CycMax KV 4.76Max I/C 80KA ASYMInstr GEI 10951 Original Part # 9F60GJC300 Each Large Fuse has 2 units soldered together. Fuse Diameter is 2 7/8 inches Actual length of Fuse 15 3/4 inchesActual width of two linked units 6 Inches There are 3 of these Items!! Shipping may be cheaper depending on Location and quantity purchased-- Please contact me through E-bay Messaging and I can get an exact shipping cost. Soda Can is for size reference only and is not included. Due to the cost of shipping Returns are not accepted unless item proves to be defective. Please see my Excellent Top seller rating. I test all items before shipping where practical.

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