Price: 24.99 GBP (32.77 USD)
Apple iPod nano 5th Generation Silver (8GB) (1983323)

Apple iPod nano 5th Generation Silver (8GB) (1983323)

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Price: 24.99 GBP (32.77 USD)

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Item Characteristics
  • Brand: Apple
  • Model: iPod Nano
  • Features: Pedometer, Video Recorder, Equaliser Controls, Digital Camera
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0
  • Battery Life (Hours): 24 Hours
  • Memory Type: Internal
  • Generation: 5th Generation
  • Manufacturer Colour: Silver
  • MPN: MC027LL/A, MC027QB/A, MC027ZP/A, MC027QG/A
  • MPN: MC027LLA
  • Seller: mygadgetshop-uk
  • Location where the object is: Grantham
  • Country: GB - UK
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  • Object id: 123737179995
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APPLE IPOD NANO 5TH GENERATION 8GB THE UNIT IS IN OK COSMETIC CONDITION THE FRONT SCREEN AND BACK CASING BOTH SIGNS OF WEAR, SCRATCHES, CHIPS, MARKS. THE UNIT IS FULLY WORKING MECHANICALLY AND THE BATTERY LIFE REFLECTS THE AGE OF THE IPOD AND THE NUMBER OF CHARGE CYCLES IT HAS DONE. PLEASE NOTE THE UNIT IS NOT SUPPLIED WITH CHARGER, HEADPHONES OR ANY OTHER ACCESSORIES. -Buy with confidence as all our iPods/iPads/Kindles come with a FREE 30 Day Warranty. -UK Bidders ONLY please. -Buy with Confidence All items sold by MyGadgetShop have been purchased from reputable businesses, have been fully tested and checked and approved for onward sale. -If the items do not meet with expectations then they can be returned, providing this procedure is initiated within 30 days of receipt.-All gadgets sold by MyGadgetStore have been checked against the National Lost and Stolen Database.

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