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RIK EMMETT - LIVE AT BERKLEE - Mega rare CD - like new superb guitar master

RIK EMMETT - LIVE AT BERKLEE - Mega rare CD - like new superb guitar master

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Price: 33 GBP (43.23 USD)

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  • Artist: Rik Emmett
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Canada
  • Record Label: Rockit Sounds
  • Release Year: 2003
  • Genre: Guitar based tunes
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Music lovers will really appreciate this album! It has a little bit of everything on it. Guitar players will love the many styles that Emmett plays. The man really has no boundries in his playing.The album was recorded live up in Boston. Guitar magazine once said that Emmett was "too talented for his own good." You'll soon see that this is true.Emmett's like a mix of Stevie Vai, Larry Carlton, Richie Blackmore and Steve Morse all rolled up into one! Plus he has the god given talent of having the most amazing voice that I've ever heard.Take my word for it folks. Pick up this album and get ready to listen to one of the finest musicians on this planet. Live at berklee has something hpt everyone from fusion to rock to classical flamingo guitar. cd opens with two fusion songs that remind me of the old blow by blow and wired days of jeff beck or to the youngsters joe satriana or eric johnson sound of today.the third song is a rockin blues tunes called gasoline.besides great music rik has a great sense of humor Really a treat to listen to. Well done all the way around. The sound quality as well as track selection is superb. Rik's playing takes you everywhere at light speed and brings you back to your senses as he jokes and rips into another selection. Awesome listening material and very professionally done. Buy it, enjoy it, a great live album with taste. No wasted time here. This is a wonderful CD which captures the magic of Rik's solo acoustic performances. His virtuosity and style mix perfectly with his on-stage charisma, and sense of humor. Rik just keeps getting better. Rock, blues, jazz, classical... he does it all.This album is a must-have.

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