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Serie de Colección 15 Autenticos Exitos Los Alegres De Teran (CD-1991)

Serie de Colección 15 Autenticos Exitos Los Alegres De Teran (CD-1991)

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Item Characteristics
  • Artist: Los Alegres de Teran
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Mexico
  • Style: Banda, Mariachi, Rancheras
  • Title: Serie de Colección 15 Autenticos Exitos
  • Record Label: Sony Music Entertainment
  • Release Year: 1991
  • Language: Spanish
  • Edition: Greatest Hits
  • Genre: Latin

Los Alegres de Terán is a Norteño music group from Mexico. They were formed in Nuevo León when Eugenio Abrego and Tomas Ortiz met in a club in the mid 1940s focusing their activities around the area of Monterrey, Reynosa, and finally settling in McAllen, Texas. Beginning with their first record in 1948, "Corrido de Pepito", Los Alegres de Terán were pioneers of norteño style duets singing corridos, rancheras and norteño songs. Their first record was for Falcon Records. Soon they recorded for Orfeo Records of Mexico, which brought them wider recognition as that label heavily promoted them in Mexico City and Monterrey. They recorded more albums and had hits with many songs, including "Carta Jugada", "Alma Enamorada", and "Entre Copa y Copa". Later they would record for the Mexican branch of Columbia Records and for Del Valle Records. The duo also took part in cross-marketing moves, including a spot on the bill in the first Polka Festival which was held in Chicago in the mid-1960s. The group also had an appearance in several films, including Pueblito, a 1961 melodrama directed by Emilio Fernandez. Track List 1. Adiós Madre Querida 02:11 2. Los Ojos de Pancha 02:38 3. Prisionero de Tus Brazos 02:24 4. Cariño Sin Condición 02:38 5. El Golpe Traidor 02:25 6. Ingrato Amor 03:16 7. Veinte Años 03:09 8. El Chubasco (Pero Hombre Amigo) 02:14 9. La Banda del Carro Rojo 03:09 10. Moneda Sin Valor 03:09 11. Los Dos Amigos 03:01 12. El Ojo de Vidrio 03:17 13. Amor de Madre 02:18 14. Flor del Río 02:29 15. Hermosísimo Lucero 02:46

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