Price: 10000 USD
White 2000 GMC 26 ft boxtruck

White 2000 GMC 26 ft boxtruck

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State: Seller refurbished

Hookup & Lead Wire

Price: 10000 USD

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Item Characteristics
  • Brand: White
  • Actual Length (Feet): 26 ft
  • Sheath Color: White
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Caterpillar motor, runs good, starts right up and can be driven today. Just got a few new tires on it, some still have some wear in it, the mirror on the right has some cracks in it but is still easy to see what’s behind you, has light smoke when idling but goes away when you take it on the road, not sure what it means, I had my mechanic come out and he said just needs a new fuel filter, I have one just didn’t put it on yet so that comes with it as well, I have a boot Bc the parking break doesn’t hold well on hills it’s been going on since I’ve had it and it never been a huge problem for me. All the lights work and just put a new battery in it today, I have all the service records just to verify. This is a very solid truck and has treated me well. Come see for yourself, throw your best offer, and get behind the wheel of this great opportunity.

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